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The Diamond Model - The Mentor's Five Steps:


Strategic Management Decision

The first step:

preliminary analyisis and  constructing a balanced full scan report:

We will consolidate the data of the business and / or family assets in a full scan report i order to get a clear and honest image of all financial aspects to get an aconomic balance sheet.

This will include both debts and financial paymetns and obligations (which influence the negative balance) as well as the assets of insurance, banks and other investments producing profit (positive balance).

We will use our special tools to asses and offer a set of strategy possibilities to choose from leading to the further steps of our specialized program.

The second step:

characterization of needs and goals setting:

We will build a mix of strategic, financial and investment operation plan with a number of possible alternatives based on a needs, goals and desires model we construct for each client.

This will allow us to create and assesment of the future economic scenarios, together with the financial commitments and all expected expenses and revenues. After this assesment we can choose a plan format to accomodate the needs and goals for our clients.

The third step:

planning and building strategy - streamlining processes:

We will build a strategic operative plan step by step taking into considaration everty tax form relevant to benefit our client as well as investigate all chanels of capital raising option while considering the level of risk involved and costs.

Our vast plan posibilites can include all investment products available in the murket including saving plans, real estate, investment funds etc.

Our team of experts in all the possible field can help create a creative plan to accomodate each clients needs and capabilities.

The fourth step:

Objective implementation of decisions:

Implementation of the chosen plan: Management of the balance sheet in accordance with the processes established to open savings accounts and escorts with the various entities and service providers.

Preparation of relevant documents and strategy management according to plan.

The fifth step:

Monitoring, control and ongoing guidance:

We will provide continuous monitoring and guidance by the Company's expert: Submit up-to-date reports and regular meetings where we will present to clients an overview and economic outlook on the state of the markets and discuss the strategic portfolio and the progress of the process and economic assets.

We will hold periodic meetings where we will examine whether the strategy portfolio needs to be adapted to changing needs and implement it optimally.

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