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Mentor founded by Yuval Eisenberg, is the realization of a dream to team up and lead team of experts in the field of finance, management and busines consulting that will lead  the industry as well as the private sector and first its clients to financial liberty and take part in global economic growth.

Yuval Eisenberg - Founder of MENTOR VC Group has Over 15 years of experience as Senior Director for capital management and investments in the largest investment companies in Israel as well as in the private sector in a position of trust and responsibility advising on managing finances and assets worth Billions of NIS and led privte clients and businesses from an early stage of development to success and for financial growth. 

As a strong believer that any business is based on a relationship of trust, expertise and excellence and with strong professional business skills of strategic planning, Yuval has build his career working with many types of wealth clients, companies, banks and financial establishments in Israel and abroad allowing him to use his knowledge in a wide range of products to create financial solutions such as real estate investment trusts (REITs), venture capital funds and alternative products (hedge funds, consumer credit, etc.) in Israel and overseas.

The MENTOR VC Group team is one of the best in the field of financial guidance for growth working together to bring to you the most updated and full range of services and consulting  opportunities to match your needs and lead you to success and growth.

Mentor Value Consulting Services

We provides complex asset structures of comprehensive consulting  which goes far beyond traditional Financial Guidance. We aim at providing our knowlage of financial management to whomever wish to seak it both privately as part of successful household management as well as the bigget business organizations by applying international standards.

We work with a network of experts in order to cover all the different financial issues.

We guarantee our clients access to tailor-made products and services provided by Financial specialists while operating in accordance with regulatory and legal requirements.


Be Stronger . Wiser . Better .

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