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Mentor Business Growth

Develop your business opportunity

We believe that any business – big and small – can make a change, grow and profit in both value and finance.

We connect businesses with various technologies, foundations, capital raising and credit, fundraising and collaboration opportunities while planning, guiding and building strategy.

We are supporting and accompanying businesses in every stage from the establishment stage through the business growth stages, in Israel and abroad.

Mentor Expert Consulting

Financial Planning and Strategy 

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your capital and business to the next level.

We combine our insights and skills to transform your day to day management and turn the way of your family and company into a lasting growing Success.

We are proud to help shape and improve the future your business and personal life in reaching your dreams and goals.

Mentor Family

Expert guidance

Mentor Family is a special department focusing on home and family economy.

Our expertise is to form a balanced budget and finding opportunities to increase the family wealth.

 With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your family to the next level.

We combine our insights and skills to transform your day to day management into an intelligent strategy for growth and prosperity.

We are proud to help shape and improve the future of the family's personal and financial goals and structure the way our clients manage their day to day life.

Mentor Gold-Capital Analysis for investors

Risk management & advanced analytics

In today's competitive & fast paced world, the players need to constantly adapt to the changing market.

We use our trademark tools to examine, evaluate and strategize these trends in order to layout the cost-value choices for our clients' investment and financial needs and goals.

Mentor Investment Club

Unique Opportunities

Weather you are an experienced investor or just taking your first steps in the finance market, or simply want to receive professional expert information on attractive and smart channels of Unique investment Opportunities - our exclusive Mentor Investment Club is your answer.

Our investment club was created in order to provide the needs of our clients in valuable guidance and shedding more light on a vast range of investment possibilities in order to improve and reach a higher set of financial goals for your family and business in the long term.

We will keep you updated and help you follow up on unique and attractive investments currently on the market and expose the ideas and possibilities you would not want to miss out.


we provide lectures & workshops on a veriaty of subjects for private people, groups and companies.


We offer unique investment possibilities for capital starting at 25,000$/100,000NIS.


We offer attractive possibilities for family and business financial growth.


Especially designed for clients aged 55+, interested in exploring the financial investment opportunities and the preservation of the family's wealth in preparation of a lasting business plan for the younger generation.


Offering special opportunities in Israel and abroad.


DKF - David Katz Foundation

Mentor Value Consulting and it's founder Mr. Yuval Eisenberg are proud to be part of the David Katz Foundation Advisory Board.

The David Katz Foundation has a mission: to improve the lives of people with visual impairment while raising awareness throughout the world.

Thanks to our expertise, we are able to lead the foundation's  goals to realization and success.


Value Consulting Services

For private clients who are interested in personal counseling, we offer light and affordable way to reach our supprot through our online consulting service.

We can accompany and advise you with any questions through a private or group digital communication (via whatsApp ,phonecalls, webcalls) or face to face individual meeting.

Get our support today at our affordable monthly packages rates starting from 100$ and make sure you are not alone in the process.

We would love to see you among our clients.

Contact  us for more info.



We have variety of Experts in many filds whice provide our clients a wide range of solutions on building business and family strategy, finance, legal, investment and more.

Marble Surface


I got to know Yuval five years ago, and I've been using his services ever since. 
Yuval is a professional of the highest order – professional, accurate and thinking outside the box. Know how to read people and situations and provaid the ultimate solution. 
I Recommend  yuval and Mentor Services to all my friends, and they congratulates me on the excellent recommendation.

O.S Banker

Yuval his team are an excellent portfolio managers who knows how to close circles and know how to tailor the customer to the exact treatment and service he needs.  Always at the height of the poor and with great devotion.

Their Investment Planning Strategy Helped me get results I didn't think were possible.
Definitely portfolio manager number 1

C.D Entrepreneur

Yuval and his team is a consummate professionals in the  fields of  financial advise and  brokers, Yuval and his team are very importent to our Decision-making process for my company and my personal activities .
Yuval has given a great deal of his personal time advising the Bord and myself  with 
enormous passion, experience and knowledge that he has very kindly imparted to both my team and myself.
More importantly, he has a huge heart for helping people find solutions, and has played a massive part in helping us to move
forward with his advice.

E.F Attorney

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